Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why I'm A Prepper

Some people say I’m crazy. Well, that may be true (on so many levels!), but others pull me aside and tell me they need some help. It is for those people I am starting this blog. That is not to say that I am an expert on Emergency Preparedness (I’m not.), but I have learned quite a bit in all of my studying and preparing. And if I don’t have an answer, I would like nothing better than an excuse to research and find one!

So why do I prep? If you really wanted, I could point you to recent natural disasters, statistics, scriptures, our unstable economy, and give you articles that would really get you thinking...and I probably will share some of those types of things over the course of this blog, but really what it boils down to for me is this:

1) I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a.k.a. a “Mormon”. We have been taught by leaders of our church to do such things as get out of debt, plant a garden, and get a year’s supply of food storage. We are taught that these things will help us to be self-sufficient and not only will we hopefully find it unnecessary to be reliant upon the government or the Church for anything, but we will also be able to bless others’ in time of need. To the best of my abilities, I am trying to be obedient to what I believe God wants for me and my family.

2) I am an American. I believe that in the ideal sense of that word. To me this means that I live in a great place where I have many opportunities and resources available. Also, I’m part of the “DIY generation” that essentially seeks to get back to our roots, our American heritage of progenitors who carved out a life in this land with courage and hard work. There’s just something satisfying about being able to say you made something yourself. I really feel that a self-sufficient lifestyle is healthier emotionally, physically, and spiritually, not to mention better for our environment, which is less of a drain on our natural resources. (Note that if you are not American, this doesn't exclude you from the responsibility to better your environment also!)

3) I am a Mom. I have spent the last 8+ years of my life worrying over meeting every need, fixing every meal, comforting and caring for these precious little souls. It’s second nature for me. And I know exactly what I would have to deal with, should my food supply ever run out. That’s enough to make any mom get food storage! Seriously though, I worry for my kids and the type of future we are handing to them. Like any mom I want to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and strength to face whatever life brings. Plus, it makes gardening, camping, and other outdoor activities we do as a family so much more fun!

The bottom line is that this is just who I am. I look ahead to see what needs might possibly be met and I do my best to prepare for that. Come with me as I pass along some useful information I’ve come across. :)